Elegante Quartz Porcelain Patio with Porcelain Feature Wall

Introducing this modern, split-level garden design that beautifully combines functionality and aesthetics. This unique layout features two distinct levels, for all the family to enjoy.

On the bottom level, we have incorporated Brett landscaping Elegante Quartz Porcelain, complemented by an Eclipse Porcelain border. This combination creates a visually striking and low-maintenance surface that sets the stage for this outside space. The steps leading to the top level add an element of architectural elegance while seamlessly connecting the two areas.

As you ascend to the top level, there's an abundance of lush planting and a generous grass area. This elevated space provides a tranquil retreat for our client, whether it's lounging on the grass or engaging in outdoor activities, this area is designed to cater to their family's leisure needs.

To enhance the overall charm of the lower level, we have incorporated a porcelain feature wall using Coastal porcelain walling. This eye-catching element serves as an attractive backdrop, drawing attention to the seating area. The Coastal porcelain walling adds a touch of sophistication and texture, creating a focal point that elevates the entire design.

Products featured: Coastal Porcelain Walling in Sea Mist, Elegante Quartz Porcelain in Greige and Eclipse Porcelain in Cosmic